Even The Office Thinks We’re in a Tech Bubble

When the good folks at Dunder Miflin start pitching web startups, you know the world’s got a tech bubble on the brain.

“The first lesson of Silicon Valley actually,” says Ryan, “Is that you only think about the user, the experience, you actually don’t think about the money, ever.”

There is an amazing website dedicated to this venture, WUPHF.com, featuring a beta trial and some terrific investor presentations, like the snappy graph to the right.

As Barry Ritholtz at The Big Picture is fond of saying, two classic indicators of a bubble are:

  • a well understood concept reaches its climax
  • said idea is articulated in a mainstream publication
  • e.g. – internet startup mania parodied on a popular sitcom

Skip to 10:35 for the WUPHF.com presentation!

Even The Office Thinks We’re in a Tech Bubble