Ex-Mayors Back Black

Mike Bloomberg’s three predecessors have come out in support of Cathie Black as schools chancellor in a letter posted to the Department of Education website.

Write former Mayors Koch, Dinkins, and Giuliani,

“With 24 years of experience as Mayors of the City of New York, and with a shared commitment to seeing our city and its schools thrive and succeed…we urge you to approve Mayor Bloomberg’s request for a waiver to enable Cathleen P. Black to serve as New York City Schools Chancellor… “It is clear that Ms. Black certainly has an extraordinary track record of managing large organizations through trying circumstances.  We believe that Mayor Bloomberg’s faith in Ms. Black’s competence and her proven history as an outstanding executive is, in and of itself, reason enough to grant the necessary waiver.”

Meanwhile, Liz gets her hand on a letter that state education commissioner writes, laying out his plans on to convene a screening panel to weigh Bloomberg’s and Black’s waiver request:

“I intend to convene a screening panel consisting of representatives of the State Education Department and appropriate educational organizations for review and advice.”

“The panel will be provided the application and supporting documentation for its review and consideration. I will give guidance to the panel about the questions it should consider in reviewing the application and materials. Following the advice of the panel, I will render a decision on the waiver request.”

“Nothing in the law or regulation prescribes a time frame for this process. However, I am mindful of Chancellor Klein’s scheduled date for departure and the necessity for prompt action.”

Full ex-mayor’s letter below:





Ex-Mayors Back Black