Foursquare Competitor SCVNGR Debuts in NYC

SCVNGR is a mobile app that combines location-based elements with offline gaming. Anyone can build a challenge at a certain location. Users who check in and complete the challenge are eligible to receive a reward. For example: Post a photo of a tinfoil oragami at the local sushi spot and win a free sake shot.

SCVNGR had previously been confined to cities like Boston, San Fran, LA and Chicago, but today it officially lauched in New York.

The app is not exactly like Foursquare, but it’s certainly competing for the same business partners. A local shop looking to focus on mobile users will probably not have the resources or wherewithal  to create a discount for more than one app. They might have to choose between Foursquare’s check-model or SVNGRS’s challenge approach.

“Building rewards on SCVNGR is a fresh new approach for NYC business owners — whether a neighborhood cafe, local bar or hotel, we’re helping them drive traffic, strengthen the engagement they have with their customers, and increase sales,” SCVNGR founder, oops, I mean, “Chief Ninja”, Seth Priebatsch told The Observer. “And customers love it — unlike FourSquare, there’s no waiting around for someone to get bumped as mayor — customers get free stuff because they’ve earned it.”

True, consumers do love getting free schwag without having to work too hard. Time will tell whether businesses enjoy giving free stuff to customers who aren’t loyal.

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@benpopper Foursquare Competitor SCVNGR Debuts in NYC