Freelancers Do Victory Dance

The Freelancers Union is out with a release this morning crowing that their top priority candidates all won on Tuesday.

The Freelancers say that all of their freelancing effort went to insure the election of Eric Schneiderman as attorney general, Tim Bishop for Congress and Tony Avella for the state Senate.

The national pundits may be all “doom and gloom” following Tuesday’s election, but freelancers can look at the results and hold their heads up high.

Our top priority candidates-Tim Bishop, Eric Schneiderman, and Tony Avella-all won their races, some by just a few thousand votes. Our hunch? It was all those freelancer-hours that pushed our allies over the top.

Say what you will about the organizing power of the Freelancers Union, but no one can accuse them of jumping to the front of the parade. Each of those races were tight, and at one point Democrats were predicted to lose each of them.

The union claims 90,000 members, and gave a run down of the members activity:

  • Rigorously vetted candidates’ stances on our issues
  • Volunteered nearly 600 hours with our allies’ campaigns in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island
  • Distributed 15,000 pieces of candidate literature
  • Made 48,000 phone calls
  • Sent 3,000 letters to freelancer voters in key districts
  • Contributed $23,500 to campaigns
  • Sent hundreds of thousands of emails, tweets, and facebook posts
  • Organized our first ever freelancer-to-freelancer voter registration drive
  • Gave freelancers new online tools to find and support the Freelancer Slate in their neighborhoods
The union says their number one legislative priority is to pass the Deadbeat Client Bill, which they say would provide the same wage protection that freelancers give ordinary employees.
For the full rundown of the Freelancer’s Candidates, click here
Freelancers Do Victory Dance