Good Morning, Conan O’Brien!

It’s full steam ahead on your new show Mr. O’Brien!

This morning, The Times reported that the ad sales for your new show on TBS, which debuts on Monday, are particularly robust. In fact, at $30,000 to $40,000 for a 30-second ad, you’re on par with your network counterparts. Go Team Coco! (Brainstorm: have you investigated some kind of partnership with Swiss Miss yet? Team Cocoa? Think about it.)

This comes on top of news that ratings are down for your mortal enemy Jay Leno, below your ratings. Andy Richter was being modest when he said that situation is “sort of vindicating.” Won’t be long now until all his advertising is for Sleep Number beds and gold investments.

Tell Triumph to call us.


The Observer Good Morning, Conan O’Brien!