Good Morning, Lou Dobbs!

Well it happened a little slower than expected, Mr. Dobbs, but it finally happened: you signed a deal with Fox News. Congratulations!

Your opinion show will begin early next year, and is sure to be jam-packed with Mediaite fodder.  After all, you tried to tone down the immigrant stuff over at CNN, but that didn’t work, so you parted ways with the network so you could carry on regulated. You new show promises to be “off the chain,” as the kids say.

Oh they did not get that from immigrants. Stop it.

We’ll bet you’re looking forward to the watercooler chat with Juan Williams. We find ourselves wondering if Fox News even has a human resources department anymore, or if they simply wait for a public figure to say something right-wing and then hire them straight out of the gate. They must watch cable news like baseball scouts.

Anyway, congratulations on the deal. And congratulations to Mediaite as well.


The Observer Good Morning, Lou Dobbs!