Good Morning, Rupert Grint!

Well, Mr. Grint, it would seem that the latest Harry Potter film won the weekend box office for a second week in a row! Congratulations!

This is good news for you for two reasons. First, we don’t know the details of your contract but we imagine the film making money must have some kind of payoff for you, if not here than later on down the line. Second, it seems to imply that people are flocking to your swansong – they’re ready for these movies to be over. And that must appeal to you.

You’ve been trying to shed the Harry Potter image harder than anyone else. Drug movies, assassin movies …  why can’t you just be like Daniel Radcliffe and take your pants off? Or go to Brown, like Emma Watson? We understand that it isn’t easy to play a punch line for then years, but you don’t have to try that hard, old man.  

Have you considered Shakespeare? Red-headed Hamlet has never been done, we checked.


The Observer Good Morning, Rupert Grint!