Google Street View, ‘Hipsters’ Help Nab Burg Heroin Dealers

Talk about “Don’t be evil.”

Google has helped nab a trio of drug dealers in East Williamsburg using its ubiquitous Street View technology.

According to the Post, three of seven dealers arrested yesterday in an NYPD sting operation were caught in the act by Google’s funny little camera car. They were photographed dealing in two locations, and the pictures, in some of which the men appear to be throwing up gang signs at the Google car, were used in the dealers’ indictments.

Don’t believe us? See it for yourself.

Almost as funny, some undercover cops dressed as hipsters to help catch the seven dealers in the act, as this was apparently a big part of their regular clientele.

So does this mean the Germans were right or wrong to think the worst of Street View?

mchaban [at] | @mc_nyo Google Street View, ‘Hipsters’ Help Nab Burg Heroin Dealers