Graydon Carter on Newsweek’s Still-Vacant Editor Position: ‘Hopeless’

With the search for Newsweek‘s editor-savior still lacking a concrete shortlist, there’s no harm in asking any media titan — regardless of their distance from the debacle — about their thoughts on who should helm the struggling magazine. So we were delighted that Daily Intel chatted up Vanity Fair chieftain Graydon Carter at the Plaza Hotel last night, where he was being fêted by the Landmarks Conservancy, and solicited his sage advice on how exactly 92-year-old Newsweek owner Sidney Harman should proceed with his new purchase. 

At first, Carter semi-rebuffed the question. “Who should edit Newsweek? You should ask Jon Meacham that,” Carter said. “He’s got a better job now.” 

What about Fairchild editorial director (and former Observer editor) Peter Kaplan?

“Peter would be good.”

Or New Yorker features editor Daniel Zalewski, who turned down an offer to helm The New York Times Magazine?

“Don’t know who that is.”

Wait, Graydon — you’re not familiar with Daniel Zalewski, one of your fellow Conde Nast editors? Guess he skipped out on all those New Yorker-Vanity Fair sock hop mixers! 

Speaking of parties, it seemed Carter wanted to get back to the one at the Plaza and stop with the Newsweek editor “guessing game.”

“It would be a completely thankless task, because it’s a hopeless job,” he said.

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