Halloran Begs Off Black Resolution

Earlier we reported that a number of elected officials will hold a news conference tomorrow to announce that they are introducing a resolution calling on David Steiner to deny Cathie Black the waiver necessary to become chancellor.

More than a few eyebrows were raised when Councilman Dan Halloran’s name appeared on the list of those signing on to the resolution. Halloran after all is a conservative (by city council standards, at least) and an outer-borough Republican. Opponents of Black have pointed to Halloran’s support of the resolution as proof that support for Black was really starting to slip.

But Halloran just called to say that he has requested that his name be removed from the resolution.

“I do have serious questions about how the mayor went about choosing this person and whether or not this person is qualified,” he said. “But until I get answers to those questions I am not calling on the state to deny her the waiver.”

He added, “It’s premature for the council to deny her a waiver until we’ve fully been able to hear her out.”

Halloran said he wanted to give the Bloomberg administration a couple of weeks to make Black available to the council. Then he thought other elected officials could properly weigh in on her selection. 

And Halloran sympathized with the notion of Black as an outsider, pointing out that he too came into office without any prior experience.

“If someone was asked if I was qualified to hold my elective office,” he said. “On first blush, they may say no.”

Halloran Begs Off Black Resolution