Harry Reid Asks Chuck Schumer To Head New One-Stop Policy and Politics Shop

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has sent a letter to his fellow Democratic colleagues announcing that he has asked Chuck Schumer to lead a new effort to unite the caucus’s policy and communications arms under one roof.

The announcement comes after Democrats barely retained control of the upper chamber of Congress and Schumer decided against running the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee.

“I know you are also bringing with you fresh reminders of how much work we have left to help our economy regain its strength,” Reid writes. “To do so, we must better integrate our legislative-and message-crafting functions into a central, coordinated nucleus managing policy, press and politics. That starts with uniting the Democratic Policy Committee and the Senate Democratic Communications Center into a joint operation. I have asked Senator Schumer, whose communications abilities and tactical skills we all greatly respect, to lead this effort as Chairman of the new office.”

Schumer was well-known to covet Reid’s job should Reid have lost to Sharron Angle in his Senate race in Nevada. Doing so would have meant leap-frogging however over majority whip Dick Durbin of Illinois. Although now it seems as if Reid will stick around for six years, and at least for another two in the top spot, this move position Schumer well to one day takeover the body.

Full letter below:


Reid Letter Harry Reid Asks Chuck Schumer To Head New One-Stop Policy and Politics Shop