In Other News: Four Loko Already Replaced


What’s that? You miss Four Loko? Don’t worry, there’s a whipped cream with booze in it, called “Whipped Lightning.” Flavors include amaretto and white chocolate “whipahol,” and it apparently contains 18% alcohol. Eddie Huang, are you out there?

Or, for the classier reader, here are a few cool-looking holiday alcohol bottles.


A Columbia employee stole $4.5 M. from the university. When confronted, his whiz-kid excuse was to say that the money “appeared” in his bank account. Yup.

Miss New York wanted to end her reign “with a bang.” When following in the footsteps of beauty queens like Carrie Prejean and Vanessa Williams, storming a float seems like child’s play.

Beef. It’s what’s for dinner. From Pat Boone’s new steak company!



  In Other News: Four Loko Already Replaced