It’s Free to Look: Midtown’s Huge I.M. Pei-nthouse [Pics]

One of three penthouses in The Centurion is back on the market this week with a new broker and a new price–$12.3 million. Now listed with Prodigy International, the three-bedroom duplex hasn’t managed to hook a longterm owner since it first came on the market in 2008, listed at $11.5 million with Corcoran.

The Centurion is the work of Pei Partnership, a collaboration between I.M. Pei and his son Sandi. The building is a modern sanctuary in an otherwise unremarkable midtown block. Yet while it may be drab outside, this unit is a deep-pocketed urbanist’s dreamhouse: cascading glass and French limestone exterior, ample terraces, understated interior design, lobby zen water garden, and panoramic skyscraper views. Here’s hoping Penthouse 2B finds a well-to-do architecture buff soon.

SLIDESHOW: 33 West 56th Street It’s Free to Look: Midtown’s Huge I.M. Pei-nthouse [Pics]