Lifesta Helps Prevent Daily Deal Remorse

Daily deal sites like Groupon are all the rage right now, but they’re leaving more than a few-trigger happy shoppers with buyer’s remorse.

Enter NYC startup Lifesta, a resale market for daily deals. “One Lifesta user had purchased a voucher to eat a great meal at a discount while on vacation in New York,” says co-foudner Eran Davidov, “But when she got here, she discovered the restaurant had just had a fire and was closed for duration of trip. So she resold the voucher on Lifesta instead.”

Some Lifesta users have resold local vouchers after moving out of town. Others have hawked vouchers for couples’ activites after suffering a breakup.

If you’re a glass-is-half-full kind of customer, think of Lifesta as a second chance to get in on all the deals you’ve missed.

The idea of a resale market isn’t earth-shattering per se, but Lifesta could still enjoy success thanks to the exploding market for daily deals.

Lifesta Helps Prevent Daily Deal Remorse