Lou Reed and Susan Boyle, Together At Last

Lou Reed — Godfather of Punk, New York lifer, notorious curmudgeon — would presumably have many reasons to dislike frumpy international reality show-borne singer Susan Boyle. But it turns out Reed and Boyle get along quite well, the Daily Record is reporting

At first, a bit of a spat between the two arose from Reed’s reluctance to grant Boyle permission to cover “Perfect Day,” the classic ballad that anchors Reed’s solo debut Transformer. A source told The Sun that Lou “didn’t like” Boyle’s performance. Then, in an interview with Piers Morgan, Boyle called Reed “childish.” For those holding out hope for a collaboration, the situation seemed dire. 

But last night, it was revealed that the pair was no longer fighting, and had indeed became quite chummy. Reed even agreed to travel to Ireland and helm the video for “Perfect Day,” which premiered last night. 

“I loved that Lou understood how much it meant to me to film in Scotland,” Boyle told the Daily Record. “I didn’t mind how much it rained or blew a gale — I enjoyed every minute.”

Let’s jut hope that this new creative team stays together long enough to collaborate on some of Reed’s Velvet Underground material. Can’t wait to hear your version of “Heroin,” SuBo!

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