Manhattan Madam Plans To Keep Fighting

Kristin Davis was the only gubernatorial candidate in the state–if not the nation–standing in a bar at 11 p.m. last

Kristin Davis was the only gubernatorial candidate in the state–if not the nation–standing in a bar at 11 p.m. last night in a mini-dress and high-heeled boots waiting for the election returns to come in.

The buxom blonde, known best as the “Manhattan Madam” who claims to have provided call girls for a certain former governor, ran as the Anti-Prohibition candidate, and, seeing as how her platform was based on the need to legalize marijuana, prostitution and casinos, the paltry crowd at Taj Lounge so early in the evening came somewhat as a surprise.

Still, a little over two hours after the polls closed, as Andrew Cuomo was giving his victory speech and sending out emails to supporters urging them to continue championing his causes, Davis was standing in a bar in The Flatiron District, talking to the few reporters and supporters left.

The party was over. Her political strategist Roger Stone, the political operative who claimed a role in the Spitzer prostitution scandal and who helped run Davis’ campaign, left a half hour before. Vivia Morgan, who ran on the Anti-Prohibition party line for state senator, made a cameo appearance before going back to Brooklyn to be with her children. The colorful characters that had been attracted to her campaign– including son-of-a-druglord Pablo Escobar Jr. and porn star Britney Andrews– had also left.

Until the end, Davis remained focused on the secondary goal: to get 50,000 votes, which will insure the placement of the Anti-Prohibition line on the New York state ballot for the next four years.

“They don’t care about minor party candidates, so its really about who won and we know that’s Cuomo so now we need to see if we got 50,000 votes or not,” Davis said.

In the end, Davis didn’t make that threshold. She got 22,775 votes, placing sixth in a seven-person race. While she was aware she was a long shot candidate, she doesn’t intended to leave the ideals of her campaign behind.

“I haven’t made any concrete plans but I do know that a lot of New Yorkers have come up to me on the campaign trail and a lot of gay and lesbian community have said ‘will you please keep fighting for me if I give you my vote’ and I don’t plan on letting those people down.”




Manhattan Madam Plans To Keep Fighting