Mark Zuckerberg Makes Friendster Popular Again (For a Day)

Back in 2003, at the tender of age of 19, Mark Zuckerberg created a Friendster profile listing a few of his favorite things in life: coding, asian girls, quoting Top Gun.

Ryan Tate over at Valleywag found this little gem, noting that it seems more legitimate than several other Mark Zuckerberg profiles on Friendster, because this Zuck is friends with former Facebook CTO Adam D’Angelo and former Facebook Design Strategy Lead Aaron Sittig.

Also, this version of Zuckerberg does not live in the Phillipines and does not mostly write his thoughts in the form of rambling spam.

It’s an interesting snapshot of Zuckerberg six months before he would first create The Facebook in his dormroom at Harvard, but nothing too strange or unique for a 19-year-old college kid. 

The one piece that does stand out is the About Me section, in which Zuckerberg writes, “I support the free flow of information.” It’s a maxim that fits with his current insistence that Facebook makes the world a more transparent place, although not one in keeping with Facebook’s tight fisted policies on user’s personal data.

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