Mercer GOP set for no confidence vote on chairman

Prominent Mercer County Republicans have lost confidence in Chairman Roy Wesley, sources say, and are poised to hand the chairman a letter to that effect signed by more than a dozen members of the party.

At a meeting tonight to discuss, among other issues, a proposed settlement with pollster Kellyanne Conway who is suing the party for unpaid fees, members of the executive committee reportedly planned to present Wesley with their discontent.

But in a voice mail message after the meeting Wesley said there was little discussion of the plan to take him out. Wesley said he told GOP members he will not resign his post.

Among the reported signatories are the majority of the county executive committee including the bulk of the municipal chairs as well as several elected officials and former candidates for office.

“We, the undersigned members of the Executive Committee of the Mercer County Republican Committee, Municipal Chairpersons, elected officials, and recent Republican candidates for elected office in Mercer County call upon you to resign immediately from your position as Chairman of this Committee,” the letter states.

Among the reasons stated for no-confidence vote are:

  • – ineffective leadership, communication, and coordination of the candidate campaigns for county office during the 2010 election cycle
  • – insufficient fund-raising relative to the requirements necessary to fund competitive campaigns for county-wide office
  • – inability to develop the cohesion and cooperation across the diverse towns in the county in order to work for common goals
  • – mismanagement of the Polling Company Inc. lawsuit
  • – your recent oral claim to the executive committee that the MCRC owes you thousands of dollars in outstanding loans which are not reflected in MCRC filings

Among the issues that have reportedly angered the members is Wesley’s handling of the lawsuit filed by Conway.  She has sued both the committee and former County Clerk Cathy DiCostanzo for $35,000 in unpaid fees for polling work done for DiCostanzo when she ran for county executive in 2003.

In an interview with PolitickerNJ last week, Wesley denied that the committee owed any money and called it a “billing error” on Conway’s part. 

But in September, an arbitrator ruled in favor of Conway against both the committee and the DiCostanzo for County Executive campaign, telling both to pay up in a non-binding award.  The matter is set to go to court in January.

Committee members cannot remove the chairman from office and there is no provision to “impeach” the chairman of the party.  In order for Wesley to be replaced, he would need to resign as chairman. Mercer GOP set for no confidence vote on chairman