Mobile Payment Service Square Comes to the Masses

Small-business owners and indie merchants can now add a powerful new tool to their arsenal. 

Square, the brainchild of Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, turns any Android, iPhone or iPad into a credit card machine. 

The company began offering its services to the general public today, after tens months of private testing with just 50,000 users. 

According to Leena Rao over at TechCrunch, the barrier for entry on Square is much lower than traditional credit card vendors.

“While merchants have to qualify for the app, Square’s qualification rules are more relaxed than those of standard credit card processors, there are no initiation fees, monthly minimums, and when merchants apply for a reader, Square doesn’t just focus on a credit check, but also takes into account the influence a company holds on Yelp, Twitter or Facebook.”

The company is hiring at its NYC office and is expected to raise more funds in the next few months to fuel its expansion.

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Mobile Payment Service Square Comes to the Masses