More Sour Polling On Bloomberg For Prez Idea

The hed says it all: “Americans Not Impressed with Bloomberg.”

Coming on the heels of a Q-Poll that showed that 61 percent of New Yorkers do not think that Mayor Bloomberg would make a very good president, a new survey by Public Policy Polling shows that only 19 percent of Americans have a favorable opinion of Mayor Bloomberg, while 38 percent view him unfavorably. That favorability rating puts him lower than Barack Obama, Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, and even Sarah Palin.

In a three-way race against Mitt Romney, Bloomberg only scores 11 percent, while Obama nets 44, and the former Massachusetts governor gets 38 percent. Although, in a sign that the White House should stop their fretting over the possibility of a Bloomberg candidacy, the poll also shows that he would hurt Romney in that hypothetical match-up more than he would the President.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with these poll numbers that a couple billion dollars couldn’t fix. 

Full results below:


PPP Release National 1129 More Sour Polling On Bloomberg For Prez Idea