Morgan Stanley Money Manager Ducks Felony Charges

Morgan Stanley investment advisor Martin Joel Erzinger, who shepherds something like $1 billion in client money, will not face felony charges in a hit and run case.

The Daily Mail reports that Erzinger “was set to face felony charges for running over a doctor who he hit from behind in his 2010 Mercedes Benz, and then speeding off,” but instead will be dealing with two misdemeanor charges.

His victim, Dr Steven Milo, 34, is meanwhile facing ‘a lifetime of pain’ from his injuries.

But prosecutors claim the decision is theirs to make.

‘Justice in this case includes restitution and the ability to pay it,’ said District Attorney Mark Hurlbert.

The DA also said that he agreed to pursue restitution because “Felony convictions have some pretty serious job implications for someone in Mr. Erzinger’s profession.”

Meanwhile, the implications for Dr. Milo are a “lifetime of pain” and substantially increased difficulty dealing conducting his own affairs. Because, you know, it’s tough to do liver transplant surgeries when you suffer “‘disabling’ spinal headaches.”

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Morgan Stanley Money Manager Ducks Felony Charges