Morning Read: ‘A Little Bed-Stuy, A Little Brownsville’

The Post is not pleased that Ruben Diaz Jr. is on Andrew Cuomo’s transition team.

Al Sharpton called the diverse make-up “a step in the right direction.”

The state’s Inspector General is calling on Cuomo to create an office to police the Legislature.

A look at the man who will decide whether Cathie Black gets control of the NYC public schools.

The Times says Black will be “entering a treacherous political and educational landscape, far darker than it was just one year ago.”

Joyce Purnick says the pick is classic Bloomberg.

President Obama calls Nancy Pelosi “an oustanding partner.”

Congressman Ed Towns says he’ll bring a little Brooklyn to the fight against Darrell Issa, his replacement as Oversight chair.

ABC News explains how Charlie Rangel’s trial will work.

City Hall declares him one of the week’s losers.

The city has three times as many surveillance cameras as it did in June.

Mayor Bloomberg’s favorite diner is barely making its health grade.

Don’t tell Glenn Beck, but an aide to Sarah Palin also gets paid by George Soros. Morning Read: ‘A Little Bed-Stuy, A Little Brownsville’