Morning Read: Conscience Clearing

The Legislature didn’t do much in that special session.

Special sessions are not for one-house bills,” said Speaker Silver.

The purpose of this session was as much to clear my conscience as anything else,” Paterson said.

Steve Rattner will file a lawsuit seeking personal emails from Andrew Cuomo and his staff, in an effort to show his case is politically motivated.

The Port Authority is spending $600 million for a ring of steel to protect the PATH train.

The Feds might back off those costly street sign changes.

Charlie Rangel is back in Washington.

The Times does a deep dive on the past censure cases.

Control of the state Senate comes down to Craig Johnson/Jack Martins.

The City Council is slated to debate the idea of Wal-Mart in NYC.

The Pentagon’s report on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is out today.

There is still no agenda for the Congressional lame duck session.

Joe Scarborough: “Republicans have a problem. The most-talked-about figure in the GOP is a reality show star who cannot be elected. ”

The much-delayed Obama/GOP leadership summit is today.

Former congressman Steven Solarz passed away. Morning Read: Conscience Clearing