Morning Read: Disinclined To Entertain Dissent

Steve Levy is officially becoming a Republican

Restaurants are finding ways around the city’s new grading system.

The New York GOP didn’t capitalize on their best opportunity in years.

Andrew Cuomo’s management style: Forceful, focused, insistent on results, and disinclined to entertain dissent.

More calls for Ed Cox to fire Tom Basile.

Shelly Silver backs Andrew Cuomo’s tough line on spending.

Politicians who don’t pay their parking tickets will now be towed.

Cuomo considers Eliot Spitzer an amateur politician and himself a maestro, Chris Smith reports.

Randy Altschuler and Tim Bishop are gearing up for a legal battle.

Cops are told to meet their quotas.

Mike Grimm gets a DN profile.

  Morning Read: Disinclined To Entertain Dissent