Morning Read: Dramatic and Puzzling

David Kocieniewski calls Charlie Rangel’s brief appearance at his Ethics Hearing “dramatic and puzzling.”

Jennifer Fermino says the evidence against Rangel isn’t so much a smoking gun but “a smoldering arsenal.”

And The Times editorializes “Now he has raised even more questions about his fitness to represent his district.” 

The Post says he brought it on himself.

Rangel watched the proceedings on TV from his office.

Opposition is growing to the appointment of Cathie Black.

Andrew Cuomo announced the formation of his environmental policy transition team.

Mayor Bloomberg thinks we are stuck with slumlords.

WTC first responders will be joining Mayor Bloomberg in D.C. today to push for 9/11 Health Bill.

Citing a recent Supreme Court decision, federal prosecutors say that Joe Bruno’s conviction must be dismissed.

Bobby Jindal says he is not running for president.

New taxis are coming.

Was Andrew Cuomo’s selection of Ruben Diaz to serve on his transition team a snub of Michael Bloomberg?



Morning Read: Dramatic and Puzzling