Morning Read: ‘Governor Eject’

David Paterson has a new nickname for himself.

A look at Andrew Cuomo’s business friends, and what they might get from the new governor.

WNYC charts Cuomo’s possible cabinet appointments.

Cuomo said he welcomes Sheldon Silver’s no-tax stance.

Democrats are worried this year’s state Senate recounts could end up like Florida ten years ago.

The Wall Street Journal wonders whether the unsettled state Senate could slow Cuomo down.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin wonders whether Journal reporters read their own paper.

Repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is looking increasingly unlikely.

Chris Christie stayed at some high-dollar hotels during his time as a U.S. attorney.

The White House wouldn’t mind some outside help in 2012.

The Post catalogues the anti-Pelosi sentiment.

Mayor Bloomberg’s office hasn’t done a promised report on that deputy commissioner swapping program.

Michael Grimm says there’s no bad blood with the mayor.

And, above, the wonderful New Yorker cover by Barry Blitt, who did the original, infamous fist-bump cover.

Morning Read: ‘Governor Eject’