Morning Read: Lyudmila Speaks!

Tom Foley Dan Malloy appears to have won the governor’s race in Connecticut.

Mayor Bloomberg gives out full-size candy bars for Halloween.

Andrew Cuomo says his focus on policy during the campaign freed him up to focus on personnel now.

Cuomo also said that everything wouldn’t change on Day One.

Is the voter drop-off on the ballot questions because of ballot design?

Says the awesomely named Lyudmila Bloch of Etiquette Outreach, a Manhattan manners school, of Sandra Lee:  “It’s absolutely incorrect to call her the First Lady.”

David Paterson says that the Republicans have retaken the state Senate.

A legal fight looms to get it all sorted out, Eliot Brown reports.

Jon Stewart joked that he thought the Stand Up For Heroes benefit for the wounded was a Democratic Party fundraiser.

Lead levels are rising in the city’s tap water.

The city’s online suggestion box has received 1,700 ideas.

A $315 million state budget shortfall could mean 1% across the board cuts.

Why did pot legalization fail in California?

The mayor is in China, where he seems to have parroted some GOP talking points and others that are anathema to Republicans


  Morning Read: Lyudmila Speaks!