MTA Don’t Need No Subway Hero

The Daily News crowned a new Subway hero this morning on its front page, and he couldn’t be a more appealing figure.

Carlos Flores, a 36 year-old East Harlem father, pulled a fainted man off the 6 tracks because he didn’t want to miss a $19-an-hour overtime shift at his grocery job.

But that doesn’t mean he’ll get Wesley Autrey treatment anytime soon, at least not from the MTA. They had the situation under control, according to the spokespeople quoted.

“The train operator did see someone on the tracks,” NYC Transit spokeswoman Deirdre Parker told the Daily News. Apparently another rider had notified the station agent and the Rail Control Center radioed the conducter in time to stop the train.

“We are glad that everything worked out well this time,” said Carmen Bianco, NYC Transit vice president for subways told the News, but “we discourage anyone from jumping to the road bed.”

Their apathy is especially cold considering Flores credited the countdown clocks the MTA keeps bragging about.

When the man in peril failed to stir, Flores noticed the digital sign on the platform showing the next downtown train arriving in three minutes.

“That’s a good thing,” said Flores, figuring he had just enough time to jump down on the tracks, make the rescue and still get to work on time.

  MTA Don’t Need No Subway Hero