New Yorkers Prefer State Senate Gridlock

New Yorkers prefer a state Senate which has neither Republicans nor Democrats running the show, according to a new poll out today by Siena College.

“Overall, 53 percent of New York voters want shared power, with 22 percent each saying the Democrats or Republicans should control the Senate,” said Steven Greenberg, Siena pollster.  “A majority of voters from every region want a shared power relationship.”

Currently Republicans control 30 seats in the upper house and Democrats 29, with three seats remaining up for grabs as recounts and lawsuits begin. If the Senate is divided 31-31, Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy would be the tiebreaking vote but it remains unclear who how bills would be passed or how the leadership of the body and its committees would be comprised.

In other news, the poll found that:

  • More than 8 in 10 New Yorkers want Cuomo to focusing on being governor, and to keep his eyes and ambitions off of the White House.
  • A slight majority are in favor of same-sex marriage.
  • New Yorkers say that Cuomo’s first priority should be job creation
  • Nearly 60 percent of New Yorkers think that Carl Paladino should not continue to be involved in politics
New Yorkers Prefer State Senate Gridlock