Pollster suing Mercer GOP and former County Exec candidate

Well-known pollster Kellyanne Conway has filed suit against the Mercer County Republican Committee and former County Clerk Cathy DiCostanzo seeking payment of fees from work she did as far back as 2003.

Conway, owner of the Polling Company Inc. is owed some $35,000 plus interest by the party and the former clerk, who now serves as the Mercer County Superintendent of Elections.

DiCostanzo has owed the money since she ran for County Executive in 2003.  But that debt, along with another $50,000 in bills from that losing campaign, was never paid. 

Reached Tuesday, Conway would not comment on the suit, but a 2007 Times of Trenton article detailing the outstanding bill quoted her saying she fully expected to be paid for her work.

"Over my career I've done pro-bono work for crisis pregnancy centers and low-income litigants, but I try not to do it for political candidates," Conway said then.

Attorney Angelo Genova is representing Conway, but could not be reached for comment.

 Mercer county Republican Committee Chairman Roy Wesley disputes Conway’s billing and said the committee does not owe her money.

“Our response to this is we don’t owe any money,” Wesley said.  “We think it’s a billing issue on her part.”

DiCostanzo also could not be reached for comment. But in the 2007 Times of Trenton article, which detailed her campaign’s failure to file finance reports detailing the outstanding debt owed to Conway and others, she said she knew nothing about the money.

"Although everything is in my name, I was the candidate,” she said then "I went out campaigning. The daily operations and what was bought and used was run by a campaign manager and the staff put together for the campaign."

The case is set to go to court in January.

  Pollster suing Mercer GOP and former County Exec candidate