Port Authority gives up EZ Pass

With the Port Authority succumbing to Gov. Chris Christie’s demands, the powerful governor now presses to get the E-Z Passes out of the windshields at two other authorities.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey stopped providing free E-Z Pass perks to commissioners, retirees, and non-unionized active employees, which Christie applauded as a following of his orders.

Then he called out the two delinquent agencies.

“It’s time for the authorities that have not yet acted on my directive, the Delaware River Bay Authority and Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Authority to end these abusive practices as well,” Christie said in a release. “These perks and giveaways are completely indefensible, particularly at a time when the public and local government are being asked to do more with less.

The Port Authority was one of four authorities to follow Christie’s directive; the other three were the Delaware River Port Authority, South Jersey Transportation Authority, and New Jersey Turnpike Authority.

In September, Christie vetoed resolutions of the DRPA to reinstate E-Z Passes to commissioners, officers, employees and retirees at the DRPA and PATCO.

  Port Authority gives up EZ Pass