Retired Educators Tweak Bloomberg, Ask For Cathie Black’s Old Magazine Job

A handful of retired teachers marched on the Hearst Tower today to demand to be interviewed for Cathie Black’s job now that the former company head has been named incoming schools chancellor.

“We are trying to show how preposterous it is to put a person with no education qualifications as a leader of professional educators,” said Elizabeth Shanklin  who applied for Black’s job. “Just as I can’t help Hearst Magazine make more money.”

The protest was arranged by the state Green Party as a protest against Black’s appointment, which they see as further proof of the Bloomberg administration’s desire to privatize the city schools.

2010 Lt. Gov candidate Gloria Mattera, Betty Davis, Tony Gronowicz, and Tom Syracuse joined Shanklin at the press conference and denounced Black’s new position. They asked for a waiver, due to their lack of publishing experience, to become Hearst chairman.

The five applicants entered the building with resumes and applications in hand. Syracuse also carried a copy of The Complete Guide to Successful Publishing. They said they were not permitted to go further and security officials took their paperwork for the human resources department.

Shanklin said the Green Party’s involvement stems from their commitment to participatory democracy.

“We must save the public schools if we are going to maintain that and hand it on to our children,” Shanklin said. “Mayor Bloomberg is part of an agenda to privatize public schools and turn them into private for-profit businesses.” Retired Educators Tweak Bloomberg, Ask For Cathie Black’s Old Magazine Job