Sandra Lee Won’t Be New York’s Next First Lady

Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo is keeping things casual with his girlfriend of four years, TV chef and cookbook author Sandra Lee.

Lee participated in Cuomo’s campaign and was seemingly planning to occupy into the Governor’s Mansion, but a representative for Cuomo confirmed on Friday that Lee won’t be moving to Albany or taking the official First Lady title.

Cuomo spokesperson Josh Vlasto told the Wall Street Journal that Lee will be remaining in the Mount Kisco residence she currently shares with Cuomo. Lee will not have any official duties or a staff.

“She has many talents that could be of service to the State of New York and any contribution of her time or participation would be Sandra’s pleasure and not at public expense … Sandra would never expect any taxpayer dollar to support the contributions she makes nor would she want to burden the state in anyway. She will be supportive and generous to the people of the state and she will accommodate them in every and any way she can,” Vlasto said to the Journal.

After Cuomo’s victory, many in the New York media apparently automatically assumed Lee would be New York’s next first lady, but on Thursday, a spokesperson for the Governor-elect told The Observer that Lee’s role had yet to be determined.

Sandra Lee Won’t Be New York’s Next First Lady