Schumer To Meet With Bibi Netanyahu This Afternoon

New York Senator Chuck Schumer is slated to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this afternoon, a source in the senator’s office confirmed.

Netanyahu is in New York to meet with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to discuss the crumbling Palestinian peace process and with American business leaders and the business press to encourage investment in Israel.

The topic of the meeting could not be confirmed, but Schumer’s press office said the two usually meet when the prime minister is in New York.

Schumer does not serve on any of the major committees that deal with Israel or the Middle East. He has been a vocal supporter of Israel however, and has been critical of President Obama’s approach to the Middle East. At an address last week to Agudath Israel, Schumer struck a hawkish tone on Middle Eastern policy, saying that, “The reason we don’t have peace in the Middle East is because a large percentage of…Palestinians and Arabs do not believe there should be a Jewish state, period.”

Earlier this year, the Washington Post reported that the two have been friends for over 20 years, and that one time Netanyahu destroyed the Schumer household with a shaken-up Pepsi bottle during a Shabbat dinner.

  Schumer To Meet With Bibi Netanyahu This Afternoon