Sign of the Times: Photos of Upset Stock Traders Are Back!

Executives on Wall Street may be headed for their fourth best year of all time, but the U.S. stock market has been having some sour November days lately. The sure fire sign that rough times are back is the plethora of photographs on the news wires of traders looking very upset.

(The other sign is the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s personal diary, whose entries have had names this month like “Ouchie,” “Quantitative Easing Might Not Be So Great After All,” “Cisco Is the Worst!” and “Still Figuring Out What Quantitative Easing Means.”)

But the photographic evidence? Melancholic New York Stock Exchange snapshots: There was eyes-closed forehead smacking yesterday when 178 points were lost, but also deep sighs and a young man with a yarmulke and a stunned hand over his mouth. And this guy just looks generally out of sorts.

Earlier in the month, there was a lot of concerned-looking people running around, and even one man really sprinting (though on that day that there was an up-tick).

On the plus side, the traders were graced with television personality Nick Cannon and his electric smile at a recent opening bell.

Sign of the Times: Photos of Upset Stock Traders Are Back!