Staten Island Strikes Down Cyclists

Score one for the cars in the ongoing bike lane wars.

Where else but in Staten Island would they roll back protections for bikers? The car-friendly island off the tip of New Jersey has just erased a bike lane that connected the Staten Island Ferry to the Staten Island Railroad, a slap in the face not only to bikes but to mass transit as well.

There are alternate routes, but as Gothamist points out, they are far from ideal:

“I think this is a very good solution,” says Borough President James Molinaro, who suggests cyclists use the nearby bike path and greenway. That alternative is certainly more scenic, but bicycle commuters complain that the meandering recreational bike path is often crowded with pedestrians, strollers and in-line skaters. And the bike lanes through Fort Wadsworth close at dusk, which means cyclists will be using Capodanno Boulevard after dark anyway, and without the meager protection offered by a bike lane.

This is the second slight in a row, as the city is still hesitant to extend the new bike lanes on First and Second avenues north from 34th Street to Harlem. Plus there is the whole matter of the NYPD crackdown on bikers.

Those mean streets just keep getting meaner.

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Staten Island Strikes Down Cyclists