Steve Schwarzman, Roger Altman, Bette Midler Play Dress-Up

Steve Schwarzman is a serious man who says serious things: Take, for instance, the private equity king’s recent comments in South Korea about mark-to-market accounting rules. Sometimes, to be sure, he also says things that are a bit out there, but then he promptly apologizes.

Nevertheless, according to photographs posted on the indomitable David Patrick Columbia’s New York Social Diary, the billionaire also knows how to kick up his heels, pop on some jewelry, and, as Bess Levin points out, pose with his hands tilted at a perfect and adorable angle. At Bette Midler’s “Hulaween” party at the Waldorf for the New York Restoration Project, he dressed up in a Karl Lagerfeld costume so spot-on that one can hear him purr caustic Coco Chanel insults while whistling Cat Power melodies.

His wife, Christine, was Anna Wintour.

There were some less surprising guests–Joy Behar, Gilles Marini, Tommy Motola, Elaine May, and Michael Kors–rubbing elbows with the Wall Street contingent. For example, the Evercore titan (and former Blackstone man!) Roger Altman was with his wife, Juiate Kazickas, dressed up as what looked like a 1950s beauty pageant’s host and contestant. Mr. Altman wore a black wig.

A man named Robert Diamond, but almost certainly not that the Robert Diamond who runs Barclays, was in drag.

John Kerry was there, too, as John Kerry. Steve Schwarzman, Roger Altman, Bette Midler Play Dress-Up