The 60 Second Art World

What Everyone’s Talking About: The Whitney’s pick of photography curator Elisabeth Sussman and a former art dealer (gasp!), Jay Sanders, as co-curators of the 2012 biennial.

Loser of the Week: Egypt, which was given back items by the Metropolitan Museum that had been in King Tut’s tomb. Turns out, said director Tom Campbell, the pieces were mostly “fragments … tiny … and not of great art-historical importance.”

Winner of the Week: Longtime art dealer Ed Tyler Nahem, who saw the musical he produced, Fela!, open in London after a yearlong run on Broadway.

Last Week’s Best Party: The benefit at Jack Shainman Gallery for Prospect New Orleans, the popular biennial (the next is in October 2012) launched after Hurricane Katrina to boost the city’s art scene. –A.P. The 60 Second Art World