The NYT’s Blog Blackout [Updated]

The blogs on the web site of The New York Times experienced an outage from sometime Tuesday afternoon until Wednesday. According to the anonymous band of Times critics over at Nytpicker, all of the paper’s blogs were down:

“For the last 12 hours at least, the NYT’s entire blog system has gone suddenly, quietly dark,” nytpicker wrote. 

The Observer had multiple problems visiting the “Media Decoder” blog Tuesday evening. As of this writing, the paper’s blogs appear to be back online.

The Times posted a message about the outage on its Twitter page at about 6 a.m. Wednesday.

“To our followers: We are still wrestling with the technology that powers NYT blogs. Sorry for the hassle, but we’re working on it,” it said.

Times spokeswoman Danielle Rhoades Ha told The Observer that the outage was isolated to the “Dealbook” blog:

“The ‘Dealbook’ site has experienced a technical issue. We are isolating the glitch now and expect to resolve it shortly.”

Rhoades Ha also said there was “no indication of malicious activity.”

Update 9:43 AM: Times spokeswoman Diane McNulty said the outage was the result of “a technical problem on the blogging platform that affected all the blogs.”

“They went down last night for a few hours, and early this morning, but have been back up since 7:30 am,” McNulty said.

The Times is still investigating the cause of the blog blackout.


Full Disclosure: Hunter Walker worked as an intern at the New York Times from 2006-2007.  The NYT’s Blog Blackout [Updated]