Three More Executives Out at Tribune Co.

The dominos keep falling in Sam Zell’s Tribune Tower.

Following the ouster of Tribune Co. CEO Randy Michaels — a former shock jock caught in accusations of his company’s late-night partying and sexist work environment — three executives have announced their imminent departures, The Chicago Tribune reports. Tribune Interactive President Marc Chase, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Jeff Kapugi and Executive Vice President Carolyn Gilbert all spent a large chunk of their careers in the radio industry, working closely with Michaels. 

And these departures may just be the beginning. The Tribune story indicates that other employees — many of whom have a history with Clear Channel, like Michaels — will also be heading out. One such outgoing Tribune Co. staffer — Tribune Tower facilities director John Phillips — directly contributed to the public outing of the alleged frat house atmosphere. A scathing column by David Carr in The New York Times the followed may have precipitated some of the turnover. Phillips uploaded to his Facebook account pictures of employees throwing a raucous poker party in Tribune Co. offices, and included in the captions that all the wild raging “pretty much desecrated it with gambling, booze and cigars.” 

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