What Twitter Taught Us: The Week that Loko Died

THE TWEET: Had such a fun night with @. Just took a bubble bath, now going to bed. Tweet dreams everyone. xoxo Paris

WHAT WE LEARNED: Only a bubble bath can wash off the sin that seeps into you at a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show after party.

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THE TWEET: What kind of super powerful media icon leaves her blackberry at home anyway? She was just asking for us to play with it..

WHAT WE LEARNED: Martha Stewart, when totally out of Twitter ideas, will resort to tweeting in the voice of her dog. Is this what a stint in a minimum security prison does to people?

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THE TWEET: Like yo this Mark Rothko is the shit! You see it works. This is a break through people. I now know how to communicate art! YES!!!!

WHAT WE LEARNED: Expect more and more multicolored fuzzy amorphous cloud-blobs from Kanye in the coming weeks.

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THE TWEET: Woah! Newsweek.com's superb content will live on under its own banner & in URLs on the new site. Not shutting down, combining.

WHAT WE LEARNED: Nothing, because it's not in English. Well, we did learn that Tina Brown is on the losing side of The Whoa-Woah Wars.

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THE TWEET: Must... Get... Coconut water. Still shithoused and working at baohaus lol

WHAT WE LEARNED: Considering this tweet came from Xiao Ye owner Eddie Huang late on the night of the first and only Four Loko Thursday (R.I.P), it's clear that Huang partook in the festivities. How will @GeneralLoko cope with the loss of Loko?

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THE TWEET: With the women editors and reporters of the Yale Daily News, the oldest college daily http://twitpic.com/369yzy

WHAT WE LEARNED: With Arianna's guidance, expect the YDN editors to start ramping up slideshows with headlines such as this one: "8 Hottest Outfits at the Harvard Tailgate [PICS]"

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THE TWEET: #Rangel Deplores Ethics Committee Findings - Committee Chief Counsel's FInds No Evidence of Corruption http://bit.ly/bmKhKX

WHAT WE LEARNED: Facing down charges from the Ethics Committee, Rangel has put his faith in one last methed of drumming up support: a hashtag.

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THE TWEET: Happy birthday @Sn00ki

WHAT WE LEARNED: Everything. This explains everything.

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