When It Comes To Texting, Americans Are Prudes

When it comes to using text messages to facilitate romance, Americans are falling behind the rest of the world. 

A new study from Opera, one of the most popular mobile browsers worldwide, qeuried more than 300,000 users on their mobile habits. 

The study found that only 44 percent of Americans respondents have used SMS messages to ask someone out on a date. 

By comparison, 83 percent of Chinese in the study and 84 percent of Germans have asked someone out by text. 

Are Americans less techno-sexual? Perhaps countries with higher rates of text romance are simply full of shyer people. Maybe red-blooded freedom lovers just prefer the old face to face. 

As long as you’re sending a text asking someone out, don’t forget to include a link to the latest results from your mobile STD app. When It Comes To Texting, Americans Are Prudes