Who Exactly Is Obama Reaching Out To? Not New York Republicans

The Huffington Post reported yesterday that President Barack Obama is reaching out to newly-elected Republican senators and congressman to wish them well, quoting David Axelrod as saying that Obama had made “well over 100 calls” while traveling to Asia.

But perhaps he started with the West Coast reps?

The Observer reached out to all five newly elected members of Congress from the Empire State, and so far none has reported receiving the congratulatory phone call from the President.

“We most definitely have not been contacted by the White House,” said Tim Kolpien, press secretary to Congressman-elect Tom Reed, who won Eric Massa’s vacant seat in the Southern Tier.

Lisa Anastos, an aide to newly elected Staten Island Congressman Michael Grimm–who will become the only Republican representing part of New York City–said that their office hasn’t heard anything either.

“Not yet,” she said, and added speculatively, “Maybe he is starting with the Democrats?”

And Doug Cunningham, a spokesman for Nan Hayworth, who knocked off John Hall in the Hudson Valley congressional seat, sent along the following email:

“He has not called Nan.”

In a Daily News piece this morning, which picked up on the HuffPo report, a spokesman for incoming Speaker John Boehner praised the President for reaching out to newly elected Republicans, saying, “It’s a step in the right direction.”

But baby steps, perhaps?

Or maybe being a member of a 435-person body isn’t that special after all.

Who Exactly Is Obama Reaching Out To? Not New York Republicans