Working Families Party Looks To Better Ballot Placement

The Working Families Party is out with an email today claiming that the party received 138,615 votes in unofficial election returns, 2,000 more the Independence Party and the WFP’s largest share of a vote total in their history.

If the numbers hold–and the machines need to re-canvassed and paper ballots counted–it would be quite an achievement for the party, which was left for dead after Andrew Cuomo forced them to accept his agenda or find another candidate to run.

Below is an email from WFP head Dan Cantor, in which he also takes a few shots at Democrats who refused the WFP ballot line and now find themselves in recounts, or looking for another line of work.

Get this: Nearly 140,000 New Yorkers voted on the Working Families Party line last Tuesday, according to initial election returns – which means we’re on track to become one of the top four parties in New York State, with our highest percentage of the vote ever. 

If we wind up on line ‘D’ of the ballot, we can be even more decisive in future elections, ensuring that politicians focus on the common-sense issues that matter to middle- and working-class New Yorkers. 

This is an enormous victory, and it happened because of you. I don’t ask this often, but can you help us keep the momentum going by giving just $5 per month (the cost of two cups of coffee) to sustain our work? Click here to contribute:

Both bad and good news from this election shows why Working Families Party votes matter. 

The bad: Republicans may win control of the NY State Senate because some Democrats refused the WFP’s endorsement in hopes of seeming more “conservative.” It’s now clear that Working Families votes could have made the difference in their elections.

One Democratic senator trails his Republican opponent by just 400 votes. If he had accepted the WFP’s support instead of running to the right, he would have received another 1,500 to 1,700 votes – putting him over the top. If Democrats do lose the State Senate, it will be much harder to make progress on issues like a hydrofracking moratorium or MTA reform.

But here’s the good news: In New York’s closest statewide race this year, Democrat/Working Families candidate Tom DiNapoli won re-election for State Comptroller because he stood up for common-sense progressive values. DiNapoli beat his opponent by 2% – roughly 100,000 votes. The 140,000 New Yorkers who voted on the Working Families Party line were crucial to this victory. 

These two stories prove what WFP voters have always known: Even when the Tea Party and Fox News dominate the headlines, the best way for progressive leaders to win is by standing proud for fairness, equality, and the values of working families.

We have to get this message out to every politician that’s considering running scared after Tuesday’s election. Can you commit just $5 per month to help us do that?


Dan Cantor
WFP Executive Director

P.S. Small monthly contributions help us in a huge way.
 They pay for organizers to go door-to-door and talk to voters about issues like green jobs and health care reform; they help send staff to Albany to secure legislators’ votes on issues like a hydrofracking ban; and they help us show politicians that they need the support of working families to win.

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Working Families Party Looks To Better Ballot Placement