2011 To Explode With IPOs, Prognosticators Say

The tech blogosphere is hot on the idea that the thirst for public offerings may be slaked next year, after a long drought.

There were just 45 offerings of tech companies in 2010 and only 16 in 2009, Evelyn M. Rusli writes at Dealbook in a post about the outlook for I.P.O.’s in 2011. By contrast, hundreds of I.P.O.’s a year were coming out of Silicon Valley at the peak of the ’90s tech bubble.

“I.P.O. is still the golden ticket. Real entrepreneurs want to I.P.O,” writes Bernard Lunn in a bullish post on tech I.P.O.’s at ReadWriteWeb.

Dealbook also reported today that the group coupon site Groupon is preparing for an I.P.O. at the end of 2011. That’s after it raises $950 million to expand into cities around the world. New York’s Gilt Groupe is another company with I.P.O. ambitions–at least, there has been buzz about it. All Things D reported that Gilt expects to hit revenues of $400 million a year and probably will go public, but it continues to raise money.

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2011 To Explode With IPOs, Prognosticators Say