36th intrigue continues

Days before the critical vote on the vacant 36th District Assembly seat, sources say embattled Bergen County Democratic Chairman Michael Kasparian is  on vacation.

Local Democrats are marveling at Kasparian’s absence after the chairman was part of a now-sputtering effort to keep the traditionally Essex-County-held seat in Bergen hands.

The party is seeking a replacement for the retired Fred Scalera (D-Nutley) and Essex County Democrats hope to keep the seat in Nutley as part of a long-held agreement giving each county in the 36th one seat.  Some Bergen Democrats failed to line up behind the Essex candidate and had hoped to use their muscle to field a Bergen hopeful, causing strife within the party. But the Bergen Dems apparently were unable to agree on their candidate, leaving the anti-Essex contingent at the mercy of party leaders to the West.

At least one source speculates that the Bergen Dems could already have agreed on their candidate in secret in an effort to stage a sneak attack at Tuesday’s convention.

Stay tuned.


  36th intrigue continues