A Brief History of The Tablet (Computer)

Right now, Apple dominates the market for tablet computers. But a host of competitors are expected to premier at the Consumer electronics show in January. 

Among them is a tablet device from Motorola running Google’s Android operating system. Motorola teased the new device and dissed its rivals in this amusing video. 

Taking a trip through history, Motorola zings some early tablets:

  • The ten commandments: “Excellent durability, but zero flexibility (can’t edit)”
  • Rosetta Stone: “Multi-lingual support, but low resolution screen.”
  • iPad: “It’s like a giant iPhone, but….it’s like a giant iPhone.” 

So far no Android tablet has come close to the iPad, but Motorola has had great success in smartphones with Android. Motorola used a bee at the end of this video to tease HoneyComb, a new version of Android that is rumored to be designed with tablets in mind. 

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A Brief History of The Tablet (Computer)