AdKeeper: For When an Ad Is So Amazing You Want to Keep It Forever

You know when you see an ad on the Internet somewhere, and it’s just so awesome that you wish you could save it and look at it later?


Uh oh.

New York startup AdKeeper has raised $8 million from investors including True Ventures, DCM and Spark Capital to create a “Keep” button and a “Keeper” folder for online ads, The Wall Street Journal is reporting.

Web surfers don’t want to engage with ads if they’re occupied with something else—looking up directions, playing Farmville—says AdKeeper founder Scott Kurnit, who founded the company that became in 1996. So he created a way for people to save ads to read and interact with later.

AdKeeper is similar to a lot of apps already popular for non-commercial content—like a corporate version of the soon-to-be-dead social bookmarking service Delicious, or the save-to-read-later service Instapaper. Users keep ads they like and share them via Twitter and Facebook.

But does anyone actually want to do this? A lot of big names are betting yes. John Borthwick of NYC’s Betaworks, which invested in AdKeeper, called it “long overdue.”

Most online ads are just as boring as the ones you find in the real world. But for companies like Old Spice (or their agencies) that can pull off viral ads, AdKeeper could be a sensation.

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AdKeeper: For When an Ad Is So Amazing You Want to Keep It Forever