Altar Egos: New York Times Reporter Never Contacted the Jilted Ex

Yes! The jilted ex-husband of Carol Anne Ridell, who was conspicuously absent from her much-maligned NYT Vows column, speaks! To ForbesJeff Bercovici. A media executive himself, ex-husband Bob Ennis reserved his direct criticism for The New York Times:

“The idea that they’d fact-check a style story – I don’t think that’s incumbent on them. But there’s a difference between that and publishing a choreographed, self-serving piece of revisionist history for two people who are both members of the media industry.”

Ennis said he was not contacted about or interviewed for the piece, not even for permission to run his seven year-old daughter’s photograph.

In case you haven’t been following this exercise in New York media narcissism, the Sunday Times’ Vows column this weekend sparked controversy due to the profile’s account of how the newlyweds–former WNBC anchor Carol Anne Ridell and former president of media sales at Time Warner John Partilla–left their first spouses for each other. All four were friends who vacationed together and whose children went to school together. The piece slows down for the sidelong glances at elementary school functions and skips right over part where they moved out of their neighboring Upper West Side homes, changed their minds, and then left again. 

The private-made-public lives of New Yorkers aside, the article is somewhat scandalous for how it was reported. The Times declined to provide comment to Bercovici about how reporter Devan Sipher wrote it but if, as Ennis’s comments suggest, no one but the newlyweds was contacted for the piece, it represents a major oversight on the part of the Times. All four parties are prominent figures in New York media, and therefore call into question the Times‘ motive for publishing something that at once so personally revealing and one-sided about their competitors.

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Altar Egos: New York Times Reporter Never Contacted the Jilted Ex