Apartm.net: The Ultimate Nerd Palace

Nicholas Hall and Erin Sparling
The studio and apartment sit above the Pharmacy Apteka in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn.
This little number powers the brothers' website and looks great in their living room.
It was also featured as a work of art at Cooper Union.

"One normal internet connection wasn't enough to power the Apartm.net, so we have two internet connections, aggregated together with a HotBrick LB-2. One is a Wideband cable internet service from Time Warner."

"The other is a T1, delivered via microwaves from the Empire State Building. That's right, our Internet is beamed to a weird little dish on our roof from a weird little dish on the Empire State Building's roof."

High speed internet direct from the Empire State building to Greenpoint.

"Our living room is a Nintendo museum. It has every Nintendo console ever released, including Famicom and Super Famicom, which were only released in Japan."

"We also have a Game Boy, and a Game Boy Printer, and a Game Boy Camera, and everything else. Except the robot. If you have the robot, give it to us."

From left to right: The Wii, Gamecube, N64, Super Nintendo and Original Nintendo all running through a sound system and wall mounted projector.
"We put a touchscreen on the wall to control our TV, which is a Mac Mini Server connected to a 1080p projector. It works okay, but we're going to need to replace it with an iPad soon."

"The camera at the Apartm.net is less interesting than the flash. The flash for the camera is three Alien Bees strobes totaling 1280 watts of power."

"We normally use them on a 9-foot seamless backdrop mounted on Manfrotto Autopoles in the office. Our friends come over to get their pictures taken."

Erin's ready for his closeup.
A friend has her photo taken during the Apartm.net Haloween party.

The brothers rewired their intercom system so that people can check in on Foursquare and be buzzed in automatically.

"Right now we have a white list of folks who can get in," says Hall. "But on New Years we'll open it up to everybody."


Hopefully this year's party will be even better than last. "Usually you invite a friend, and they invite a friend, and maybe they invite a friend," says Hall. "But this year, since our video viral, it should go way beyond that."

"We don't really consider it a party until it's full of people we've never met," says Sparling.

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